About Me

My entire professional life has been dedicated to service and protection. After earning a Business degree in 1974, I was selected for USAF pilot training. My first flying assignment involved nuclear alert duty with Strategic Air Command. Later, I was selected as an E-3A AWACS aircraft commander and flew air surveillance missions that protected Saudi Arabia and U.S. interests in the Middle East. In broadening my career, I was promoted to Major. As a Satellite Mission Director in Space Command, my supervision of crews who controlled two sensitive military satellite programs provided critical surveillance for the U.S and its allies.
I earned my Real Estate License in 1990. As with any military operation, real estate requires the ultimate in planning, timing, and execution. I  apply this precision to every transaction and for decades have had the pleasure of offering the same reliable protection and personalized service to clients from Menlo Park to Carmel Highlands. I welcome the opportunity to show you how I protect my clients like family, making sure that any challenge is met with knowledge, dedication, and professionalism.